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Darling Diapers Unlimited Pattern
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This was my first ever pattern and I just LOVE it.  You just can't go past how clear the directions are, and how many different options the pattern has.  I made my first ever diaper using this pattern, and it was perfectly functional.  And has survived through two children!  You can make pretty much every type of diaper using this pattern - covers, fitteds, pockets, AIO, etc etc.  I think this is a pattern everyone should own, and highly recommend it as your first pattern choice.  The directions are so through, by the time you've finished you'll know how to sew diapers!

Diaper Pattern Reviews Interview with Samantha, Owner of Little Comet Tails
What type of patterns do you sell?  I sell patterns from birth to potty and beyond. Everything from fitted sized diapers to one size AI2's to pants that will actually fit. (and if you make them from wool interlock or poly fleece, you can use them as covers too!) 
What sets your pattern(s) apart (your niche)? Unlike most other patterns that are designed around a size standard and end there, that's where I start. I create the pattern from scratch, scale to the standard, then test on hundreds of babies and toddlers and redraft for the best fit in each size before they are ever released.

What was your inspiration to create your pattern(s)? Little Comet Tails came about as an outlet for me to be creative while making some extra money as a full time stay at home mom. I started sewing my own diapers when my son was 3 months old. Before he was born I stocked up on a complete stash of newborn and small cloth diapers thinking I was set for at least 6 months, Thomas had other ideas. He grew to over 15lbs at 10 weeks eliminating my newborn stash. As the smalls were starting to get tight I sat down and calculated how much it would cost making my own vs buying some already made. Taking into consideration that I had an almost 20lb 2-1/2 month old, I decided to sew my own so I could not only save some money, but I could customize the fit. I drafted the Little Starter Cloth Diaper Pattern in 2005. I started out selling finished products and I kept getting asked what pattern I used to make them, because they fit so well. As a busy mom of two, I decided to sell those patterns (and continue creating new ones) so the frugal and crafty parents (and grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends) can make their own.

On a scale of Novice, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced where would you classify your pattern(s)? While most of my patterns require some knowledge of basic sewing techniques, they all include detailed instructions so that even the beginner can follow. If I had to pick, most would rate on a "Basic" level.

Does your/Do your pattern(s) require usage of a serger or specialized stitching? All of my patterns can be sewn on a regular sewing machine, or with a serger, instructions for both are included.